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MBN Game Rules

The following rules are to be observed when playing on MicroBlaster network. I cannot watch all games at all times, so any violation must be reported to me within 24 hours of the offense. Please include logs or other proof of the violation.

General Rules

1. NO DUPES!!! Duplicate accounts will be deleted without warning.

2. NO PROXIES!!! Since Proxies, VPN, VPS, and Game Accelerators are primarly used to hide your identity or give you a ping advantage, They are no longer allowed. Contact me if you feel you have a legitimate reason for using one and I may make an exception if you live in a rural area or a foreign country.

3. No Bug use. If you are not sure about a possible bug, ask me.

4. No Buyouts of any form will be tolerated.

Truce Rules

A truce is a period of time when aggressive activities are forbidden so that players can move, grid, cash, and develop bases without being invaded or accosted by enemy corps. Beacons will be placed at SOL and Stardock as a reminder.

a. Truce will be in effect until day on the "V" settings screen = specified day.

b. The following activities are expressly forbidden during truce:
• Attacking or killing other players or unmanned ships
• Laying more than 1 fig in non-base sectors
• No photon or cannon use
• No planet or ship IG use
• No laying armid mines in non-base sectors
• No invading or claiming another players planets
• No “mothing” enemy's home sector

c. No Blockades of any kind are permitted:
• No more than 1 fighter may be placed around Fedspace.
• No creating navhaz in or around Fedspace to damage opponents
• No blowing stardock, or any of the class 0 ports

d. You may build a single base provided that it is not in a high traffic area.

e. Alien combat is permitted. Alien planets, once acquired, and in a home sector, are truce protected.

Additionally, all other server rules apply even after the truce ends.

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