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Telnet FAQ

Q: What's a good telnet program?

A: Zoc seems to be popular. I created a links page (Telnet Clients) to help you choose. I would recommend using a TradeWars helper (Helpers and Scripts) instead of a telnet client though.

Q: Why don't the telnet links work?

A: For some reason, Microsoft disabled telnet links in Internet Explorer 7 and later versions. The following registry modifications should fix the problem:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="\"C:\\Windows\\System32\\rundll32.exe\" \"C:\\Windows\\System32\\url.dll\",TelnetProtocolHandler %l"

You could also modify the last one to run your favorite telnet program or helper instead of windows telnet:

@="\"C:\\putty.exe\" %1"

Note: Telnet is not installed in Windows Vista/7 by default. To install it:

1. Start> Control Panel
2. Programs and Features
3. Click "Turn Windows features on or off" on left.
4. Scroll down and check "Telnet Client"

Note: Windows 7 won't run telnet.exe from a web browser, but it will launch other telnet/helper programs if you change the shell\open\command key. I'm assuming this is because telnet.exe is a protected system file. Drop me a line if you know a workaround.
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